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Individual Programs

Hi, I'm Lure Wishes, and I offer transformational programs of three,  six and twelve weeks. 

These topics include intuitive heart listening,  self-directed compassion, and ancestral reconnection.

Full information about the programs are linked below.  Take a look around and if you'd like to take the next step,  book in for your free 20 minute conversation.
Email Lure at to arrange a time for your initial conversation.  

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Under the Grandmother Tree Custom Program

Come into deeper connection with yourself,  your world, and your work, through self-directed compassion, intuitive heart listening, and inner journeys.  Explore the intersection of personal and collective healing.  Embody change. 

Available as a six-week (6 sessions) or twelve-week (12 sessions) journey

Under the Grandmother Tree

Wild Heart Journey

Explore your essence and the longings of your wild heart.

This program consists of six sessions plus extra materials, and includes intuitive listening, inner journeys, heart connection and visioning.   You cycle through the elements and the landscapes of the earth.

Available as a six-week or 12 week program

Wild Heart Journey