Ancestral Alchemy 

Are you longing for a deeper sense of love and connection in your life?  

The Ancestral Alchemy Journey is a three session program to help you get started on your ancestral connection journey, or to deepen your relationship with an ancestral mentor. It can include

Cost: A$360 payment plans available

Would you love a healthier and happier family?   Are you longing for a new world of love and connection, of community, of care for land and each other?

There is such need right now for us to find new ways forward, ways of love and restoration.  You may have done a lot of healing work, even for years, and yet still experience struggle in life. It could be personal or family issues, health or other worries that keep appearing, seemingly out of nowhere. It might simply be a longing, a knowing that something more is possible.

Our ancestors hold the key

Often we are living the struggles of previous generations. This can show up as grief, fear or anxiety that don’t seem to directly connect with your life. You, or your family members might be experiencing addiction, to alcohol, drugs, or other substances of choice. It may simply be family or life patterns that are unhealthy or chaotic, that sense of being pulled back into old ways, despite your best intentions. 

We inherit gifts from our ancestors, and we also inherit their struggles – those issues that haven’t been fully dealt with in their lifetimes. Sacred voices, women’s voices, have been silenced in cultures throughout history. This can impact us today. Scientific studies now show that trauma is passed down through the generations.  Once we connect with our wise ancestors the healing of all of this can begin.

When you do so, you can

Wisdom from the past can help us find new ways forward

When we heal with our ancestors, we come home. We find great support, love and wisdom. We find belonging.  In previous times, we all had ways of honouring the ancestors, as many Indigenous people still do today. These ways of honouring life, of receiving the guidance of our elders, and of assisting those both being born and transitioning from this plane. 

We can restore these connections, and in doing so, help bring about healing for ourselves, our families, and those yet to be born.  We start to heal culture as well.  Once these rivers of life are clear, the blessings can flow freely through from our ancient ancestors, through our lives, and to future generations.

We’re missing our elders who can support us through the challenges of life.

And they’re missing us.

They’re waiting for us.

The Ancestral Alchemy Journey is to help you get started on your ancestral connection journey, or to deepen your relationship with an ancestral mentor. It can include

There is scope for a variety of directions with this program, depending on whether you are starting your journey or whether you are seeking to deepen your relationships with your ancestors, and invite connection with an ancestral mentor around a specific area of learning.

This program consists of three individual one hour sessions with Lure, for a cost of $360

In our time together, we can cover the basics, and then negotiate how you would like to continue after that. 

Payment plans are available, and for those experiencing financial challenge, please contact Lure

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We connect online via video conference through Zoom, which is an online platform that is easy to download and use. 

Will you be the one to help restore the connections, the one who reweaves the strands of life, of wisdom and your gifts?


I had a lovely heartfelt experience with Lure connecting to my ancestral lineages. I really had no idea about the work or processes to begin with, or even who the ancestors, or what I came to know as my ancestors are. This course with Lure changed that.

  Lure's approach made the path easy to follow, and her support throughout made the connections I made feel like the right connections. Nothing rushed, and matters unfolding in the right time. It was a pleasure to take this journey with Lure. I'm sure others will feel your heart and support in this valuable work.