What AI taught me about love

I’ve been exploring an app used to transcribe audios these past few days. It also has an AI function to create posts, emails copy and more.   It’s quite amazing in what it can do with words.  The thing is, every time I work with it I get a headache. I don’t enjoy being with it, nor reading what comes.  

As I sat back from this with my sore head the other day, the faces and words of people who have touched and inspired me came to me. Those words that resound through my being, help me see things in new ways, and bring me to tears.  I was reminded me once again of the power and beauty of the human heart, and of how we can touch each other simply by our existence.  

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Finding your way

Noticing the signs along the way 

There is a vulnerable not-knowing that is present when starting anything new.  Whether you are starting a new endeavour or new direction.   There can be a feeling of walking blindly as you take one step after the other. 

I once went on a walk to the top of Bartle Frere, the highest mountain in Queensland.  The walk goes up through lush and green rainforest, up into a cloud forest and to the top of the mountain.  It was magical up there, with the mist and the rocks and the views glimpsed as the mist parted. It was so beautiful that I found it hard to leave and ended up only part of the way down the mountain as the sun set... continue reading

reposted from 2013 on 24/6/2023

Self-care in challenging times

We live in intense times of change and uncertainty. People are struggling. Our world is changing and that brings with it a whole gamut of emotions and challenges.

I used to spend many hours and days walking in the mountains of Tasmania, my home for many years. On a beautiful clear day it is magnificent up there. You can see for miles. You walk between the mountains up on the Central Plateau and can see right down to the mountains in the south -west. Even in summer you need to be prepared though, as the weather can turn wild quickly ... continue reading