What AI taught me about love


What AI taught me about love

I’ve been exploring an app used to transcribe audios these past few days. It also has an AI function to create posts, emails copy and more.   It’s quite amazing in what it can do with words.  The thing is, every time I work with it I get a headache. I don’t enjoy being with it, nor reading what comes.  

As I sat back from this with my sore head the other day, the faces and words of people who have touched and inspired me came to me. Those words that resound through my being, help me see things in new ways, and bring me to tears.  I was reminded me once again of the power and beauty of the human heart, and of how we can touch each other simply by our existence.  

So often the systems we live within, school and work, focus on what we do, how much we do, and how what we do compares to others. What if instead we each came to recognise and honour this essence in ourselves and each other?  

What might be possible then?
Would you like to take a moment now?  If so,  

Take a gentle breath, 

bring your awareness to your heart, 

and call in love.  

Simply notice what happens. 

There’s space for it all. 

There’s so much love available. 

You might ask to be shown that small flame of your heart

Or the immensity of your being

What happens then?

This next four weeks in Tending the Wild Heart, we'll be exploring our relationship with the Element of Fire.  We'll look at how we can tend that flame in our hearts and how the spirit of fire can sustain us, clear our energy, and support our everyday lives. 

You’re welcome to join us, in person or via the recording. There are two calls to cater for wherever you are in the world, and the recordings of both will be available.  

I'd love to know how you go.  You can contact me here