For the Love of the Land

return  to connection & ancestral healing

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Are you lying awake at night, in despair at the state of the world, and what the future might hold?

Are you distressed at the harms to our beautiful planet, the forests, the ocean life, the air and the waters?

Are you concerned at the conflict and injustice between individuals and communities, and the lack of mature and wise leadership?

Are you wondering about your purpose and direction amidst all of this?

Would you like to reconnect?

Join us for the eight-week, For the Love of the Land, online group program

What you receive

We’ve lost connection

We’ve lost connection with our ancestors and the wisdom of the old ones, on ways to tend to life and the land. We’ve missed out on their guidance on being our best selves, connected, resourced and in service to life.  We’ve lost connection with the land and ways of honouring life. 

We’ve inherited and live within broken cultures that breed disconnection and disharmony.  We’ve lived with some very mistaken assumptions about life and our separateness from each other and other species.

red flower and green spiky leaves, Lure Wishes

For the Love of the Land is an eight week program to help you come back into connection.

If you’re feeling disconnected, from the land, from yourself and your communities

If you feel like you’re blowing in the wind, untethered and uprooted 

If you’re feeling the anxieties of the world

Then I invite you to join us

If you are yearning for connection, for a return to the ways of renewal and compassion, For The Love of the Land could be for you

Join us 

If you want to reconnect with your wise ancestors

If you want to tap into your calling and sources of love and support almost unimaginable

If you are yearning to join with kindred spirits and share your journey

Join us to explore, to unravel old ideas, to embrace new possibilities

If you want to return to connection with the land

If you want to understand the power of ancestral reconnection

If you want to find compassion for yourself and for others

If you want to experience the power of community and what we can do together

If you want to reconnect, with yourself, with the land, and ultimately with the source of life, then this is the program for you

The For the Love of the Land program invites you back into connection, back to your ancestors, and towards right relationship with Indigenous people, and the land. 

Words from participants

Mike Hughes

Thank you for a really wonderful course. I came into it feeling like this was a last throw of the dice to try and find some personal peace.  

A gut feeling told me it was a good idea, and it was! I am so much more positive right now, and feeling more grounded and connected to Earth in general.

My inner voice and intuition is getting louder and stronger all the time. The more I listen to it the more grounded I feel. 

Wendy Andrews

So many of my threads of interest in the one beautifully held container with Lure - the land, uncolonising myself, ancestors, felt experience. 

The guided meditations were the best I've ever taken part in, they took me to special places from my life and I was back there, in vivid, astonishing detail. 

I feel more deeply connected to the little patch I'm living on and willing to sit and learn from it, giving back to it what I can.  

Victoria Walker

I loved it all! I loved the 3 threads – earth connection, ancestry and Indigenous awareness / connection. I loved how none of it felt laboured, because we danced through these 3 topics. 

I found It very soothing, grounding, nourishing. It felt like a soft landing place, a kind place. Lure is very good at creating a safe space where you feel able to say what you want to, but remain really mindful of the impact of your words.

I have a five-step system to help you with this

The Spiral of Return

Image of fire in a hearth by Irene van der Klift from Pixabay


Ignition, the flame of love and compassion

To start the journey we need to acknowledge where we are.  We need sustenance. Love and compassion are this nourishment. Compassion for ourselves, and compassion for each other, in all our diversity.  Compassion for the state of the planet, and for what we’ve come to. It can be challenging to face the truth. It’s also the place of potential and renewal.

Image of the Blue Mountains by Hans from Pixabay

Air and Mountains

Crystallization and dissolution. Clear vision.

Together we explore our thoughts, beliefs and attitudes. On the mountain, the air reveals it all, bringing clarity.  Issues of race and privilege, of entitlement and prejudice.  We can more clearly see what is really true for us, and what is inherited from our cultures and our families. 

Image of a waterfall by joakant from Pixabay

Water and Rivers

Community,  connection, right relationship

As the streams flow down the mountain they come together. Embracing our fellow humans and all our kin. Relationship with Indigenous people.  It’s through our awakened feeling that we connect with nature, with our non-human kin, and with other humans.  As we expand our sphere of relationships we fall into a circle of support and nourishment previously lost to us.

Lush green forest with large tree, by Lure Wishes

Earth and Forests

Ancestors and healing. Indigenous people. Right relationship. 

We connect with the earth, and with our wise ancestors. So many of us have lost these connections, ones that were once so natural to us.  Our wise ancestors hold the key to our belonging; they will guide us, will call us to be our best selves, and help us find our way back into connection. We explore what right relationship with Indigenous people might look like.

Image of the Great Ocean Road Ocean by Julian Hacker from Pixabay

Spirit and Ocean

Return to source, to our oneness

 The drop becomes the ocean and the ocean becomes the drop. Ocean of love. Returning once again to source, the source of our ancestors, to the source of our love, to the land, and to our place within the fabric of life.

Returning once again to the spiral of fire, air, the forest, earth and water, as we continue around the Spiral of Return 

About Lure

Hi, my name is Lure Wishes.  

I was born on Dhunghutti Country on the mid-north coast of  New South Wales in Australia, a town with a large Aboriginal population, and am of mostly Irish, ancestry.

I've had a calling to the land and to healing for many years, and to nature for my whole life. I've lived and worked with Aboriginal people throughout Australia, and in particular in central Australia and the Kimberley in the far north-west of Western Australia.

I’m deeply grateful for the kindness, generosity and welcome I have received from Aboriginal people along the way.

This work is the culmination of a lifetime of work and experiences, of the ways we can reweave our connection with all of life, to meet the challenges so abundant in our world today.

 My training is in education, transpersonal counseling, breathwork, and heart and energy work.  My experience includes wilderness guiding, adult and youth education, Aboriginal education, community development, project management and tourism. 

I pay my respects to the Darug and Gundungurra people on the land on which I live, and acknowledge the Elders, past, present and emerging.

What you receive

Emma Harley, Australia

Lure has a gift for holding space; for allowing grief but also helping us find our way back to joy. I found the space supportive, safe, and enlivening. 

Circles of Belonging

Linda Lang, Canada

Lure has a beautiful way of holding space, allowing us to be authentic, to go deeper and transform. Highly recommend!

An Introduction to Ancestral Reconnection