Ancestral Journeys
Personal, familial and cultural healing

Do you experience something missing in your life?  

Do you have a sense of dislocation, being uprooted or never quite belonging?  

This is so often the case for those of us whose ancestors were displaced from their traditional homes, especially those of us now living on colonized lands.  Those compassionate souls who care about the injustices they witness, while at the same time questioning their part in this, or that of their ancestors.  

The complexity of living with the inter-generational trauma from the displacement of your own ancestors, while at the same time benefitting from the displacement of others. 

Beyond this, wanting to live a life of connection, belonging and sharing with community.

This course is an offering to invite you back into relationship, with your ancestors and through them, into healing relationship with place

Ancestral Journey Pilot Program

You're invited to join me for this wonderful 6-week journey of exploration with your ancestors. 

As this is a pilot, the cost is much reduced at A$200* (approx US$130 or 120 Euro), in return for your participation and feedback on the program.

Those who take part in this first run are invited to participate in future iterations of the program at no cost.

Dates and time

Tuesdays 6pm - 7.30pm Sydney, Australia time Starting February 14th

(check your local time here)

*approx US$130 or 120 Euro

This Pilot program is a journey of exploration with your ancestors, who they are, and what that means for us today.  Some of the themes we'll explore are:

Your recent ancestors

Cultural and ancestral legacies and our communities today

What we've inherited from the broader culture within which we live, and how this informs our lives.  Social justice, community, care for country and how that fits with our ancestral legacies.

The older ancestors

Our ancestors beyond remembered history and family stories, including ways of learning more, connecting and honouring.  The gifts we inherit, and the transmission of ancestral wisdom. The elevated ones.

Ways of knowing, connecting and honouring

How we learn and make meaning through oral history and written records versus information gained through personal gnosis and direct connection.  Ritual safety.

Practices to aid connection

Direct connection, offerings and community service, caring for place, song, art, and poetry.

You'll receive

Any questions?

Contact Lure here and we can message or jump on a call together

Foundations and values

*Indigenous people in Australia are invited to join by donation

About Lure

I was born on the mid-north coast of New South Wales, on Dhungutti country, and am of Irish, Welsh and English heritage.  I've spent years now, exploring my own ancestral heritage, and getting to know my ancestors.  I am beyond grateful for these renewed connections in my life and for their guidance, love, and wisdom. 

My work background includes the healing arts, education, including working with and in a number of Aboriginal communities across Australia, community development, and wilderness guiding.

I now live in the beautiful Blue Mountains, just west of Sydney, Australia, on Gundungurra and Dharug country.

I am thrilled to be offering this work to you now, a synthesis of many years of living, learning and working with others.  I hope you'll join us.